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On the gorgeous eastern shore of the renowned San Francisco Bay, you will find the City of Berkeley, California. Situated in Alameda County, Berkeley is named after philosopher and Anglo-Irish bishop George Berkeley. Among its many wonderful features, Berkeley boasts a great location with Albany and Kensington to the north, and Oakland and Emeryville to the south. To the east is Contra Costa County, its border generally following the ridge of the Berkeley Hills. Berkeley is home to approximately 112,600 residents and the oldest campus of the University of California. Despite being one of the most politically liberal cities in the nation, Berkeley is also home to one of the largest religious studies institutions in the world, the Graduate Theological Union.

Despite its relatively small population, smaller than at least thirty other California cities, Berkeley has a big reputation. Behind Oakland, Fremont and Hayward, the City of Berkeley is ranked fourth in population in Alameda County, however, Berkeley is perhaps better known than all of them because of its history of art, free speech, academic achievement and scientific exploration. Boasting a very diverse population, Berkeley has both long-time and brand new residents, all of whom are welcome in this spirited city. Once the counter-culture center of the nation, boasting flower power and free-speech, Berkeley today is also a cultural and culinary destination in Northern California.

With such a rich history, a great location and an abundance of natural beauty, is it any wonder why so many prospective homebuyers choose Berkeley, California, as their new home? Homes for sale in Berkeley are as varied as its residents with condos, townhomes, multi-family and single family homes for sale. Condos and townhomes for sale in Berkeley usually top out around $1.3 million but have an average listing price around $621,900. Multi-family homes in Berkeley usually top out around $4.5 million but have an average listing price around $1.5 million. Comparatively, single family homes in Berkeley can cost as much as $5 million but have such a broad price range, the average listing price for a single family home is nearer to $1.2 million.

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