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Formerly known as Haywood and Haywards Station, the City of Hayward, California, is a remarkable community and the third largest city in Alameda County. Home to approximately 150,000 residents, Hayward is located in the East Bay subregion, and is the sixth largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area. Additionally, Hayward ranked as the thirty-seventh most populous municipality in the state and is part of the renowned San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont Metropolitan Area. Hayward lies at the eastern end of the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge between Union City and Castro Valley. This vibrant community’s wonderful location in the Bay Area makes it a great place to live, work and play.

Hayward, often called the “Heart of the Bay,” is a thriving regional center of trade, manufacturing and commerce, and is one of the most desirable locations for advanced industry companies. Hayward is a unique city that works tirelessly to balance the preservation of open space, the needs of its growing population and its aggressive economic development. From the shoreline to the hills, Hayward is a wonderful place to spend a day, or a lifetime. Among its many impressive features, Hayward affords residents a 360 degree view of the beautiful Bay Area. Hayward also boasts three amazing golf courses, one of the nation’s first brewpubs, and California’s oldest Japanese garden. Additionally, Hayward’s historic downtown is full of beautiful architecture and buildings constructed in the 1860’s, and the list of Hayward attractions goes on and on.

In addition to an excellent location, amazing views and exciting attractions, Hayward also boasts a low crime rate, a low cost of living, and diverse real estate options. In Hayward you can find homes of varying ages, sizes and architectural styles. While there are sometimes exceptions, typically condos and townhomes in Hayward have an average listing price around $443,600, while floating and mobile homes have an average listing price around $162,100. Multi-family homes for sale in Hayward can cost as much as $15 million, however the average listing price is nearer to $1.6 million. Single family homes in Hayward are the most diverse and the most plentiful option with an average listing price around $689,400 and a maximum listing price that is usually around $2.7 million, with occasional exceptions.

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