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The eighth largest city in the State of California, and the third largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area, is the major West Coast port city of Oakland. Oakland is home to approximately 413,800 residents and is the forty-fifth largest city in the United States. The Port of Oakland is a trade center for the San Francisco Bay Area and is the busiest port in the Bay. Oakland, sitting across the bay east of San Francisco, is also the principal city of the region known as the East Bay. This remarkable model city is a great place to live, work and play, and in addition to its great location, Oakland also boasts a long list of impressive amenities.

Among its many splendid features, Oakland boasts a gorgeous Mediterranean climate that affords residents to enjoy all of its great shopping, dining, entertainment and recreation year-round. Oakland is home to abundant parks and open spaces, a picturesque waterfront and lakefront, all of which provide opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Additionally, Oakland is home to world-class attractions, action-packed professional sports, a hip arts scene and a bustling nightlife. Family-friendly destinations in Oakland include the Oakland Zoo, Chabot Space & Science Center and Children’s Fairyland, among others. All of those delightful attractions, combined with Oakland’s mouth-watering dining options, make it a wonderful place for its diverse population to call home. Speaking of diversity, Oakland is easily one of the most ethnically diverse major cities in the nation, a fact of which they are quite proud.

With such a long list of outstanding amenities and features, is it any wonder why so many prospective homebuyers choose to buy a home in Oakland? Homes for sale in Oakland vary in price depending upon the property’s age, size, architectural style, location and special features. Most of Oakland’s available real estate is comprised of single family homes. Single family homes for sale in Oakland have an average listing price around $656,100 and usually top out around $3.7 million, with occasional exceptions. There are less than half as many multi-family homes for sale in Oakland and those have an average listing price around $796,200 and top out around $8 million. The least expensive housing option in Oakland is a condo or townhouse. Condos and townhomes for sale in Oakland have an average listing price around $513,300 and ordinarily top out around $1.1 million.

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