My Team

The Professionals Helping Ken Kho


Vicki Kho (yes, that’s my wife!) is my Ambassador. Being my wife, she willingly takes on various jobs, including acting like the boss when inspiration strikes. Seriously, she assists me with preparing homes for sale, maintaining my database, fostering relationships with clients, and whatever the boss (that’s me) decides.

Kendrick Kho is my Technology Lead (and also my son!). With three degrees from Stanford (two BS and an MS Management Science and Engineering), Kendrick is very much well-equipped to advise me on the selection and implementation of technology tools to run my business optimally.

Jean Schumacher is my Transaction Coordinator. A long time licensed real estate agent, Jean leverages her comprehensive knowledge of the buying and selling process and her superb organizational skills to effectively and efficiently manage my listing and buyer transactions. She monitors closely each stage of a transaction, ensuring that necessary information and documentation are obtained and provided, and that contractual obligations are observed.

Cicily Singh is my Marketing Assistant. With a B.S. in Radio, Television and Film Production at San Jose State, Cicily is very much in tune with her creative side and derives enjoyment in expressing herself through crafts. Cicily takes care of a broad array of marketing activities for me: producing open house materials, sending direct mail pieces, creating virtual tours and videos, and more.